Zumba Dance

Zumba is an exercise fitness program designed by the Colombian dance. Zumba Dance is a new innovative dance fitness program, which merges elements of dance like salsa, calypso, hip hop and aerobics. Zumba’s fun and its attractive nature has made it one of the most popular styles of exercise and practiced by 15 millions of people.

It is a fast type of dancing, if you dance 60minutes for a day for one week in Dance In Dance Fitness Studio you will lose 2 pounds of weight. Zumba dance workout uses music and choreographed steps to make your body fit with our professional trainers and we are the best dance institute in Srinagar colony, Hyderabad.

On present days zumba has become one of the most popular fitness and cardio exercise which can give healthy weight loss. Dance In Dance Fitness Studio makes zumba as the perfect form of exercise for those who don’t want to go to gym and it is the favourite kind of workout for the most.

Dance In Dance Fitness Studio creates lots of fun and friendly atmosphere. We find easy ways to learn all ages of people and can make use of this zumba dance for their healthy weight loss and reduce body fats. Zumba Gold is a program for beginners and older people. Many experts believe that an interval or resistance combination maximizes caloric output, fat burning and total body toning.

To lose weight by dancing, you have to make a use of valid 60 minutes of time with accelerated heart-beat for 4-5 days a week. Any age participant can attend to the Zumba class and can be trained by our professionals. Zumba toning which is mainly for the arms and legs, hence the muscles get stronger and this workout can burn calories of our body.

Dance In Dance Fitness Studio provides different styles of music likely salsa, bhangra and cumbia are the best suited for Zumba. The benefits of zumba dance are promotes endurance, burns calories, improves postures, boosts confidence, increases coordination, reduces anxiety and full body workout.

Wearing loose fitting, breathable clothes lets you move easily and makes you stay cool. Wear aerobatic dance shoes for better movements. Drink plenty of water before and after to stay hydrated. Our professional trainers can guide you for workout with the measures that are required.

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